Which is the largest uninhabited island in the Aegean?

It’s name is “Polyaigos” which means many goats!

Yes, no inhabitants here…
Polyaigos is 6 km long and 4 km wide and it is located next to Milos & Kimolos islands in Western Cyclades.
Once there were some lucky humans living in this small paradise, but not anymore!
You will find a 100+ years old lighthouse, some ruins of the 400+ years old Monastery of the Assumption and many wild goats in each & every isolated beach!
The sea caves of the area serve as natural refuge to a small population of the Mediterranean monk seal "Monachus-Monachus" and their cubs are born here.
Polyaigos is part of Greece’s Natura 2000 program and it offers a unique atmosphere of peace and tranquility along with some magnificent beaches, alien-style landscapes and the best waters you will ever swim to.
Go before yachts go!

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