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KALIMERA travel & events is pleased to have you visit our website and welcomes your interest in our company and our services
Please read carefully the following terms and conditions of KALIMERA travel & events PCC (KALIMERA from now on).
General Terms of Participation
KALIMERA, is based in Athens, is registered with GNTO under reg. no. 0206E60000407701, and organizes packages either on its own or jointly with other companies, and sells them or offers them for sale alone or through other companies
By signing up to a package in any way whatsoever, you signify that you simultaneously and unreservedly accept the following General Terms of Participation. "Package", according to Presidential Decree 339/1996, means the pre-arranged combination of not fewer than two of the following elements, namely transport, accommodation, other tourist services not ancillary to transport or accommodation and accounting for a significant proportion of the package, when sold or offered for sale at an inclusive price and when the service covers a period of more than 24hours or includes overnight accommodation.
For the organization of its packages, KALIMERA uses airway and other transport companies, hotels, local travel agencies, and other bodies outside its control.
KALIMERA has no airplanes, hotels or travel agencies of its own as to be held responsible for their proper operation. Its role is purely that of an intermediary
for the provision of services to its clients, this is why it may only be held responsible in case of omissions attributed to KALIMERA fault or organizational shortcomings.
KALIMERA will not abuse the mitigating circumstances arising from its role as intermediary and will make its best efforts to meet the expectations of its clients. However, it shall not be held responsible for any failures that are unforeseeable or effectively controllable, such as:
- Changes, delays or cancellations of planned trips of any form. The airway companies and departure times mentioned in the description of tours have been based on the planned / announced itineraries of any form and especially on the special chartered flights / itineraries that were current at the time the program was issued.
- Accidents, sicknesses or adverse effects by climate conditions, problems caused by inability to adapt to different time zones (jet lag) and altitudes, epidemics, food poisonings or inadequate sanitation conditions.
- Problems caused by unforeseeable conditions such as bad weather conditions, strikes, coups d'état, wars, hijackings, fires, earthquakes, floods or any other emergencies or events of force majeure.
- Damage, loss or theft of luggage, personal belongings, money or travel documents, and all consequences resulting from criminal or other punishable activity.
In all such cases KALIMERA will make its best efforts and offer any possible service and assistance, but in no case this should be regarded as assumption of responsibility by the company or obligation to cover any relevant expenses, which shall be borne by the clients themselves as in all events of force majeure.
KALIMERA, and/or its representatives act only as agents between you and local land/tour operators, hotel, cruise and transportation companies and any other related travel company associated with the booking made through KALIMERA.
The responsibility of KALIMERA and/or its representatives is limited.
KALIMERA and/or its representatives will not accept any responsibility in the event of the weather conditions, strikes, damage, loss, accident, illness, delay or other irregularity due to defects in any vehicle used for transportation, or the fault or default of any local land/tour operator, hotel, cruise and transportation companies and any other related travel company including their employees, associated with the booking made through KALIMERA.
KALIMERA and/or its representatives are not responsible for any consular, political, or military complications created voluntarily or involuntarily by the passenger or by any other person, or reason.
By booking any tour, hotel, cruise, transportation, vehicle, package, flight and/or any related service, you acknowledge that in any event, KALIMERA shall not be liable for any consequential damages, and that the sole extent of KALIMERA’s liability shall never exceed the amount actually paid by the passenger.
Any disputes that may arise from the sale and use of said programs and/or other related services, must be negotiated and settled in the city, county and country of the booking Tour Operator.
KALIMERA reserves the right to decline acceptance of any person for a tour and to change or cancel the tours, if necessary, for any reason.
The airline tickets shall, when issued, constitute the sole contract between the passenger and the airline. The airline is not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event when the passenger is not on board of its aircraft.
Any payment received will represent your acceptance of the above stated conditions.
Obligations of clients
A fundamental obligation of all people participating in a group tour or event is to strictly comply with the schedule and the instructions given by the group leaders / guides, and be punctual in the meetings for the scheduled events.
If a client is not punctual, in addition to any other problems this may cause, it will give the leader the right to proceed without him and KALIMERA will refuse to pay any refund for any non-provided services.
A person participating in the organized tours of KALIMERA shall be exclusively responsible to obtain and maintain all required travel documents (passport etc.), and for any declaration made to the Greek or foreign monetary or custom authorities.
Any reasonable complaints during the tour should be immediately reported to the group leader (or in the absence of a group leader, to our office) on the spot, and to the party providing the service, in writing. If the problem cannot be resolved on the spot, the client must file a written complaint within ten days from the day of return in case of omissions and improper performance. KALIMERA will have the right to refuse to reply to a letter of complaint that was filed after said deadline. In case a client should decide to withdraw from the trip and leave the group on his own accord, even in case of force majeure, he will not have the right to any further service or refund, and all expenses associated with his leaving the group will be borne by him.
In case of a dispute, the parties shall take recourse to the HATTA Committee of Amicable Resolution of Disputes and invite it to mediate. If an amicable resolution of the dispute is not achieved, then the Courts of Athens shall have competent jurisdiction to hear the case.
Reservations/Signing Up
Each trip of the package has a specific signing up deadline. Such deadline results from corresponding commitments of KALIMERA Vs the transportation companies, hotels, consular authorities for the issuance of visas, and other bodies involved in the provision of services included in each package. It is logical that these bodies are interested in the places, rooms and other services we have booked, and that they will lose money if we do not cancel in time a package that is not going to be carried out. As a result, the signing up deadline also determines the time period within which we will be able to cancel a trip/event without having to pay a penalty. At the same time, it gives a straightforward answer to the typical question "until when do I have to sign up?" and gives a decisive stimulus to all those who have the tendency to post-pone things and run the risk of missing the deadline and being unable to find a place. But, a signing up deadline is also useful for us as it helps us book the required places in a timely manner, and gives us the necessary time to better prepare and organize the departure.
In order for a reservation to be valid, it must be accompanied by full details of the travelers/participants and an advance payment as described in our payment policy.
A reservation made over the telephone shall not bind the office unless it is confirmed by the required advance payment.
Once the traveler has confirmed his participation to the tour/event, will be fully responsible and accountable in case of failure to obtain a visa or other travel documents or meet any required health formalities, even if KALIMERA has directly or indirectly assisted, and the traveler shall not be excused from his liability to pay a cancellation fee if he is eventually unable to travel.
By confirming his/her participation, traveler also accepts all terms and conditions reported on this statement.
Reservations through www.kalimeratravel.com (e-bookings)
Unless otherwise specified, the process to be followed in order to complete an e-booking is as follows:
Choose your travel experience or an itemized service and proceed with your enquiry or booking. All details and rates are there. Continue to add your personal and payment details, then read carefully all terms and policies and confirm your purchase.

Notice that you must be authorized to purchase our services by all your co-travelers and you must inform them about the details of the trip/event. You are also responsible for making all payments due to us.
Changes/Revisions made by you
Once deposit payment has been received, a charge of up to EUR 100 may be imposed for any change/revision thereafter.
Changes/cancellations made by us
KALIMERA has the right to cancel any package if the participation is considered inadequate or for any other reason that hinders its performance.
We reserve the right in our discretion, to substitute carrier, aircraft, cruise line, sea transportation line, entertainment, hosts, entertainers, hotels, restaurants, party & banquet locations, or other accommodations.
We also reserve the right for good faith reasons to cancel any scheduled tour and in such event; we cannot take any responsibility for your having chosen to purchase a non-refundable air.
KALIMERA shall notify the clients of the cancellation of their trip no later than seven days prior to the commencement of the trip. In such case, the liability of KALIMERA shall be restricted to the reimbursement of any money it has collected. In all other respects, KALIMERA shall be bound to observe the schedule of the trips as this is described in the description of each package. KALIMERA has also the right to make any changes to the package as it sees it fit in order to overcome any technical problems or unpredictable difficulties.
As soon as the changes effected to any described package are notified to the client by any readily comprehensible means, KALIMERA shall cease to be bound by the description of the package. Such changes may be made prior to the commencement of the trip, and if they are so significant as to alter the character of the package, the participants may cancel their reservation and get a refund for what they paid, with no further claims from their side. A change of an airway company or a flight (from morning to night etc.) shall not be considered to alter the character of a package and will not justify a cancellation of a client's participation. However, if during the trip it appears that changes are necessary, the participants shall be obliged to accept them. The schedules of packages during the Easter and Christmas holiday’s period, and in high seasons in general, are likely to change at the discretion of KALIMERA.
It should be stressed beforehand and it is explicitly understood by the parties, that, for their own reasons, the airway companies sometimes use chartered airplanes belonging to other companies for their own flights. This will not be considered a reason for cancellation of the trip from the part of the client.
An airway company may at any time change its flight schedule or type of aircraft, for its own operational reasons, which are beyond our control.
A scheduled one-stop flight may become a non-stop flight from A city/country to B city/country and a non-stop flight may become a one- or more stop flight.
All rates are in Euros except otherwise mentioned and they are calculated on the tariffs of providers of services by the time of publishing the tours.
Rates are subject to change, which may be attributed to increases imposed by hotels/tours/cruise operators, currency fluctuation and/or fuel surcharges.
If total raise of the participation rate reaches 10% or more, the traveler may withdraw from contract as long as the traveler communicates the withdrawing in writing to KALIMERA within 48 hours after receiving communication of raise of the rates.
Discounts for children
Children between 2 and 12 years of age will normally pay a 23-35% reduced airway or ship ticket depending on the destination, and in many cases reduced accommodation prices if they stay in the same room with their parents.
Children under 2 years of age will pay only 10% of the airway fare, but will not have a seat and meal in the airplane, luggage transportation, meals during the tour, and child bed in the hotels.
In many cases, KALIMERA will be able to reduce even further the prices for children, in consultation with the parents.
Please note that no child or infant discounts are usually granted in specially chartered flights.
A 25% deposit of the total cost is required at the time of booking.
Final payment is required no later than 30 days prior to arrival/service date
Notice that:
- If the total cost is less than EUR 1000, full payment is required at the time of booking
- if booking is made within 30 days of arrival/service date, full payment is required at the time of booking
- In special occasions, a different policy may apply. You will be notified at the time of booking
- Failure to provide full payment according to above outlined schedules may result a cancellation of your booked services without prior notice. No refund of payments made to date will be provided by KALIMERA.
- For e-bookings, full payment is required at the time of purchase through www.kalimeratravel.com website
Cancellations & Refunds
In order to reserve hotels and other demanding services, KALIMERA pays large amounts of money many months in advance of its scheduled trips, and assumes obligations for compensation in case of total or partial cancellation.
KALIMERA is therefore obliged to retain the entire advance payment or demand additional payment in case of an untimely cancellation.
A client who is unable to participate in an organized trip for which he has already made an advance payment or which he has paid in full, may transfer his reservation to another person that meets all conditions for the trip upon due notification to KALIMERA at least 15 days prior to the first service date, unless otherwise stated in the description of the package, provided this is acceptable to our suppliers. Any costs involved in making such transfer shall be borne by the client. A client who accepts a transfer automatically accepts the general terms of participation, and both are responsible in total against KALIMERA for any remaining balance as well as any additional costs of the transfer.
- From time of booking to 60 days prior to arrival/service date, each cancellation is subject to EUR 100 per person service fee or 10% cancellation fees of total cost (whichever is greater)
- From 59 days to 30 days prior to arrival/service date, each cancellation is subject to 25% cancellation fees of total cost
- From 29 days to 15 days prior to arrival/service date, each cancellation is subject to 50% cancellation fees of total cost
- From 14 days to 7 days prior to the arrival/service date, each cancellation is subject to 90% cancellation fees of total cost
- Non-Shows and cancellations received closer to the arrival/service date are subject to 100% cancellation fees of total cost
Notice that:
- Cancellations must be submitted in writing to KALIMERA. Please email us at: info@kalimeratravel.com
- Applications for refunds must be submitted in writing to KALIMERA within 15 days of service termination. Processing will take from six to eight weeks from the date KALIMERA receives relevant documents.
- In special occasions, a different policy may apply and cancellation charges may vary according to various factors (service type, supplier policy, seasonality, etc.). You will be notified at the time of booking
- KALIMERA reserves the right to cancel a confirmed booking and refund only the appropriate portion of the deposit if full payment is not provided in accordance with our deposit and full payment policy.
- Once the trip/event commences, NO REFUND will be made for unused services or voluntary modifications made by the traveler/participant.
- There will be NO REFUNDS for unused services or features, including missed transfers due to airline changes and/or missed flights, unused meals, missed tours, unused entrance fees and accommodations.
In case of special departures, holiday seasons, fair seasons, trips that include a cruise, or trips where a specially chartered flight or a specially chartered ship is used, the above period shall be longer and the retention percentages higher.
Our office will make its best possible efforts not to retain the above charges/cancellation fees whenever a cancellation is caused by illness, accident, medical examination or similar reasons, which in common practice are not considered to be reasons for cancellation without the payment of cancellation fees.
This is why you are advised to obtain a private insurance in the amount you choose, which, among other things, will cover any cancellation fees for rea-sons of illness, accidents, medical examinations etc. The settlement of accounts in case of cancellations is made by our office at least 30 days after the end of the trip/event.
Different terms of cancellation apply in the case of cruises, depending on the terms that each company has for its tours / cruises. Also, different terms of cancellation apply in the case of personal / individual trips, depending on the terms and charges of each airway company and the cancellations policy of each individual hotel. The cancellation fees are charged regardless of the time of signing up or of whether the respective amounts have been paid by the participants or not.
Passengers/Travelers Names
Passengers are responsible to ensure that the names printed on the travel documents and on the invoice exactly match the first and last name written in their passport.
Any name change may require airline reservations to be cancelled and rebooked.
Reservations are subject to availability at the time of booking and rebooking.
Passengers will be required to pay airlines rebooking fee per ticket. KALIMERA will not be held responsible for the denial of services by a carrier due to any name discrepancy.
Passports, visas and health formalities
All travelers/participants must have a valid passport and/or visa (if needed) to enter Greece.
It will be the traveler's responsibility to see that all his personal travel documents (passport, ID Card) are valid. Special attention is needed in case of minor travelers, who must be equipped with travel documents / pass-ports.
Travelers must also notify accordingly KALIMERA in writing prior to making any reservation, and must contact their consular authorities of their country and check whether he needs a visa or any other document for panned visits or transit points and back.
Failure to obtain your travel documents or visa in a timely manner will not constitute a good reason for cancellation of your reservation without the payment of cancellation fee.
Health Requirements
Any physical or mental disability requiring special attention or treatment must be noted at time of reservation. Without prior notice and approval by KALIMERA and its vendors/representatives, participant(s) with such issues may be excluded from the program/services. Furthermore, no refunds will be made and KALIMERA will not be responsible for possible extra services/costs that may be needed.
Insurance/Travel Insurance
KALIMERA has taken out a Civil Professional Responsibility insurance to cover any client claims arising from the non-performance or the deficient performance of the a planned package, as well as to cover any insolvency or bankruptcy cases or the refund of received money, and the repatriation of travelers.
The number of the policy and the particulars of the insurer shall be included in the contract to be signed between our company and the client. A client may upon request receive a copy of said policy.
Besides, all participants of the KALIMERA organized packages may optionally buy additional travel insurance to cover life and personal accidents. Further, all travelers are advised to contact their insurance agent and obtain a European Health Insurance Card in order to be covered in case of sickness during a trip within the European Union.
Travel insurance is strongly recommended and should be set to also cover cancellation charges, trip interruption, baggage loss or damage, etc.
It is the traveler’s responsibility to protect his or her purchases.
All accommodations used by KALIMERA have a legal and valid license as required by the public authorities of Greece.
Hotel categories are rated by the local government authorities and based on international standards.
The criteria based on which accommodations are selected have to do with the location and the services offered, in combination with their best possible price for their class as specified in the description of the package.
Hotel accommodations will be provided in accordance with the itinerary or similar. We reserve the right to substitute hotels of equal category. Room selection is in accordance with the hotel's room configuration.  Double rooms consist of a standard double or twin bedded room.  Triple rooms consist of a standard double or twin bedded room plus a sofa, folding bed or cot for the third person.
Normally, the rooms are delivered between 14:00 and 15:00 hrs and remain available to the guests until 10:00 hrs of the departure day.
A request for a certain type of room entered in the order slip will be satisfied depending on the demand and if the hotel has different prices for every type of room. Otherwise, the hotel may give you a room depending on its fullness at the time of your stay. KALIMERA will make its best efforts to extend the checkout time in order to serve any guests departing with night or early-morning flights. Such service will only be offered if the rooms have not been given to other guests of the hotel.
If, in an individual trip, you arrive at the hotel after your scheduled day of arrival and have not notified the hotel accordingly, the hotel shall have the right to dispose of the room for the entire remaining booked period if requested.
In case of overbooking from the part of the hotel, our company will make its best possible efforts to find a solution in accordance with the regulations applicable in the host country.
Unless otherwise stated, beverages are not included in the half-board or full-board price. You are reminded to settle any personal bills (telephones, beverages etc.) before checking out of the hotel. In no case will KALIMERA accept to pay a guest's personal bills/expenses.
Ship and Cruise Companies maintain the right to make changes on all cruise itineraries, rates and ships are subject to change by each cruise company without prior notice.
Cruise cabins are assigned within a general cabin category on run-of-ship basis.  We reserve the right to adjust cruise rates when and if a currency fluctuation occurs.
Tours & Sightseeing
Mainland Organized Tours/Excursions include air-conditioned motor coaches and are guided by professionally licensed English speaking Tour guides.
On some instances these tours are carried out in two languages.
During the cruises all sightseeing tours or shore excursions are not included in the price as they are optional activities, unless guest has explicitly requested to purchase.
In the case of a bus tour, the travelers shall not have a specific seat for all legs of the tour.
Optional tours
The leaders that you will usually meet at the destinations may organize optional tours in collaboration with local vendors, depending on the program.
KALIMERA may not be held responsible for such optional tours.
The prices of optional tours will vary depending on circumstances such as number of persons, holiday seasons, late night surcharges etc.
Once an air ticket is issued, tickets are non-refundable.
Airline schedules and flights are subject to change without notice.
KALIMERA is not responsible for penalties incurred for tickets not issued by us, due to schedule or flight changes.
If full payment is not received, seats will be cancelled by the airline and may not be available to be rebooked on the same flights or at the same airfare.
Any replacement of air arrangements and airfare will be the sole responsibility of the passenger.
Porterage of one suitcase per person is provided in almost all of our tours (please check the inclusions/included services section).
However, you should know that strict security precautions, especially going through customs inspections, on entry or exit points, demand that you carry your personal piece of luggage for the customs official.
This procedure is seriously enforced and there are no exceptions to the rule.
KALIMERA Experiences include those items listed on each program’s description. Prices generally include transportation & accommodation, taxes & meals as specified, guided tours/sightseeing and other activities as noted in the itinerary.
What’s usually not included are the passport and visa fees, laundry services, phone calls, drinks & beverages, meals not indicated in the itinerary, all gratuities of any kind (which are at your discretion), items of a personal nature, excess baggage and baggage handling. Please refer to your program details.
Luggage is delivered to and picked up from the carrier at the responsibility and care of the owners, regardless of whether a representative of KALIMERA is present or not. In case of damage or loss, the IATA regulation on airplanes will be applicable as well as the international conventions governing each particular means of transport and hotels. In such cases, the liability shall be limited as provided for in such conventions. Our company will not be held responsible for the content of the luggage.
Irrespective of the kind of travel (air, sea or bus), KALIMERA shall undertake the transportation and pay the related cost for only one regular-sized suitcase of no more than 20 kilos per client, unless otherwise stated.
In addition to his luggage, a client may hold a small handbag of no more than 50x40x25 centimeters (length / height / width respectively), and may also carry liquids in containers of no more than 100 ml, but not in excess of one (1) liter in total, in a transparent plastic bag of 20x20 centimeters (the dimensions are provided for by the general terms of aviation and not by the general terms of each airway company). If a client's luggage is overweight, the airway or accommodation companies may impose a surcharge, which will be borne by the client. Please always double check with the authorities’ websites e.g. http://www.iata.org for possible updates.
On all motor coach tours one normal size suitcase is allowed.
During local or national holidays abroad, certain facilities such as museums, sightseeing tours and shopping may be closed or limited.
Ship Substitutions and itinerary changes
Cruise Lines or Sea Transportation Lines reserve the right to substitute ships, even at the last minute, based on decisions made by their senior management staff.
Itinerary changes on any cruise or sea transportation ferry are the sole responsibility of the cruise line and or the Sea Transportation Line and they may be implemented at the last minute based on factors determined by existing weather or traffic conditions.
KALIMERA cannot take any responsibility for ship substitutions or itinerary changes decided by a cruise line and or Sea Transportation Line.
Handicapped/Elderly passengers and Travelers Needing Special Assistance
We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to guests for walking, dining or personal needs.
Tour participants who require any form of assistance must be accompanied by a helper who is capable of and totally responsible for providing such assistance.
Because of space limitations, wheelchairs and walkers cannot be carried on motor coaches.
Please note that some of our tours require a lot of walking and moving around.
Reporting of incidents
Any abnormal incidents including injuries, service problems, cancellation of a service or dissatisfaction must be reported to KALIMERA during the event to allow us an opportunity to rectify the situation or provide assistance.
Should a situation require that a complaint be registered, guest is kindly requested to report this to the local representative at the time it occurred.
Important Note
KALIMERA travel & events Travel will not be held responsible for, merchandise value or delivery of any items like souvenirs, artifacts, jewelry, carpets, pottery, art etc., which are purchased on recommendation of tour guides or other persons, throughout your trip/event.
No refund for unused services or for schedule or reservation changes made without prior KALIMERA authorization. While on tour, for any changes to services booked, participant must contact directly the local representing Agent.
Assignment of Rights
KALIMERA reserves its rights to assign in total or in part the obligation or rights of these Terms to any subsidiary, affiliate or holding company or any subsidiary of its holding company.
KALIMERA travel & events PCC
G.N.T.O. License no. 0206E60000407701 (Greek National Tourism Organization)
KALIMERA travel & events is pleased to have you visit our website and welcomes your interest in our company and our services
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